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Access Bars

Access Bars is an energetic body process involving gentle touching of 32 points on your head. These points (aka the bars) store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, stress and locked up energy in you mind and body. They relate to all areas of your life such as creativity, awareness, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, money, control, and many more.

When you receive a Bars session, it allows the charge on these areas to dissipate, together with the stress and worry, giving you the choice to be more creative and to have something different show up in your life with ease. This means that you can clear limitations regarding any aspect of your life without any effort and it is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process. The most dramatic effects tend to be noticed within 3-4 weeks of the session.  


During a Bars session, all you have to do is lie down and receive, face up and fully clothed. The practitioner will start pulling energy through your body, focusing on your head and lightly touching various points. All the time you are free to do as you please; you can talk to the practitioner or just float off in a world of your own.

Afterwards you will feel like you have had a great massage and at best your whole life can improve!
Duration: 60min
Price: £80
Intuitive Mentoring
As an intuitive mentor and guide I want to be an empowering tool, offering healing transmission. I can work with any area of life that you want to see an improvement in to help you become more conscious and take the next step towards your dreams. I work both with personal matters and as a business mentor. Whatever the area of focus, I use my psychic abilities and my intuition in this work, adapting it to the needs of each individual in the moment. This can involve listening, talking, teaching, meditative practices, working closely with angels, ascended masters and guides to connect you with your own source of healing. Other tools I use are Oracle Cards, crystals, numerology, colour, pendulum, astrology, as well as dream and past life analysis. It is all done from a self empowerment and self mastery point of view.

I also offer my intuitive mentoring work through workshops, working with group dynamics. For more information about group events see under: Workshops and Courses

Duration: 60min
Price: £80
Usui Reiki Healing

“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy, and is also a system of natural healing, This tradition was founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of well being.

Reiki treatments can help the body emotionally and spiritually. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system and a process that anyone can enjoy. Reiki can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatments and can give emotional support during recovery.


The receiver is clothed and lies down or sits and relaxes. The practitioner gently places the hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on or near the body. There is no massage or manipulation. The whole person is treated rather than specific areas.

Each person experiences Reiki differently depending on their needs at the time.
You may feel sensations during a treatment, such as deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well-being on all levels. Some people feel sensations of heat, tingling or experience seeing colours, while others can have a emotional responses, indicating that shifts are taking place and harmony restored.
Duration: 60min
Price: £55
Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic Reiki was given by the Archangel Metatron and the ascended master Djwhal Khul as ‘The healing for our time’. It was channelled by Kevin Core between 2002 and 2003. Since then Kevin and his wife Christine have founded an international organisation with Angelic Reiki being represented in more than 23 countries. Angelic Reiki was given to support light workers through the ascension process and evolves accordingly in purity and depth.

One of the key differences between Angelic Reiki and the other forms of Reiki is that all the attunements and healings are done by the angelic kingdom of light. Angelic Reiki facilitates the experience of intimately merging with the angels as they move through us and in us bringing harmony and a knowing of the divine self. It brings a new understanding of our journey to deeper healing.


The practitioner channels Angelic healing energy through the hands which are placed on the shoulders if the client prefers a sitting position or on the chest and solar plexus if the client prefers to lie down.

The client remains fully clothed throughout while listening to specifically channelled Angelic Reiki music. The healing energy is channelled from the angelic realms via healing angels, archangels, ascended masters and galactic healers.

The session can also include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes. Crystals and other tools such as flower remedies can be used depending on the client’s needs.

Distance healing is equally powerful as energy is not bound by time and space can be sent anywhere through the ether.

Duration: 60min
Price: £55
Twinflame Tantric Heart Healing
In these sessions I work with one individual or a couple to help heal a relationship, create harmony and an embodiment of Divine Union.

Throughout my journey, I have seen many people longing to find their divine partner in life, to bring harmony to their relationships be it with a friend, family or previous partners.
If you find that no matter how much self development you have done, relationship harmony, sacred partnership and Divine Union seem to escape you, these healing sessions will help you. If you want to shift old patterns before entering a new partnership, heal a present one or bring peace to any relationship, these sessions are for you.

The healing is based on Ascension Lightbody and White Tantric philosophy, as well as Twinflame alchemy. A soul's inner feminine and masculine energies seek to eliminate limitations to the Divine Union. This is done in the following ways:

By clearing psychic energy cords between souls, from both past and present relationships.
By clearing the primary energetic imprint creating relationship blockages.
By clearing fears of deep intimacy and commitment.
By clearing issues with your father/mother.
By clearing any karma and unresolved emotions between you and all past partners: previous lives, genetic, ancestral and multidimensional clearing included.
By integrating aspects of both your feminine and masculine energies that may create difficulties in personal relationships.
By letting go of barriers and blockages to soul connection and Tantric Heart truth.
By receiving divine support to heal all limiting wounds held in relationships that hinder deep intimacy and flow.

The sessions are available by Skype or in person and are as effective either way.
If there are unresolved issues between you and another, the psychic energy will still affect you today, whether they are in this physical dimension or another. A person you are seeking healing with does not need to be physically present with you, however can be.

Duration: 90min
Price: £111