My Story
I am a Multi- Dimensional Lightworker, a Conscious Relationship, Lifestyle and Business Mentor. My overall work is to empower people - men, women and children, the whole family unit. We all need to learn to master our life here on earth.  I want to be an empowering tool, transmitting healing not just giving information. I am here to help anyone who wishes to move forward and take the next step towards realising their dreams. I use my intuition for everything, also in business. For me it is all about self mastery and about empowering people on their spiritual journey towards creating a conscious and healthy lifestyle in every aspect of their lives. 

My training is broad and diverse: I have worked as a kindergarten teacher with small children and with 25 year old offenders in very challenging situations. I have worked in corporate finance where my conscious lifestyle in business & wealth creation mentoring has its origins.  I am trained in an array of Holistic Therapies and Energetic practices,  being a Reiki & Angelic Reik Master and an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Practitioner and Facilitator.

I have also worked as a psychic for over 35 years.

I am passionate about is conscious relationships as I think everything in life is about relationships, whether to mother, father, brother, sister, partner, children or work colleges. I am the creator and founder of Twinflame Tantra™ working with Twin Flame relationships and have gone through my own Twinflame journey. When it comes to relationships we are all made of masculine and feminine energies at the soul level and at the basis of it all the twin flame resides within the self. So Tantra Yoga is an important part of my life. I was also the first UK trained teacher for Ipsalu Tantra Yoga in 2005 and am very much involved in their courses and trainings. Another important project is the Mission of Love and the Northern UK Authentic Tantra Celebration that I organise in the North of England. 

My work is offered through Visionary Workshops, Events, Courses and Retreats. I also offer one to one sessions and support. Primarily this is done in the format of Bespoke Intuitive Mentoring which can be adapted to each individual depending on their unique needs and wishes, working with whatever area the client wishes to see improvement in.

I incorporate Ascension Meditation, which is high level light work, working with Angelic Hierachy, Ascended Masters and Enlightened Guides to connect you with your own source of healing. 

I welcome you to get in touch to know more about how I can support you on your journey.